KHSW Ch. 218

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Looking at Ling Xi’s side profile, Liming felt slightly lost. When she turned around, he immediately pretended to look at the scenery outside the window.

“This is the first time for me to participate in this kind of variety show, and I didn’t expect the task on the first day to be so… Strange, we don’t look like a husband and wife at all, it’s true that we look like siblings, what should we do? Let’s play siblings in a while?”

When Ling Xi said that they were not like a husband and wife at all, Liming felt a sense of loss inexplicably, and subconsciously refused: “Sister, this is a task. If we don’t complete it, we will be punished.”

“What? There’s still punishment?” She suddenly felt like she was on a pirate ship.

“The group who did not complete the task will receive various punishments. The one that touched me the most is…” Afraid of being heard by the program group, Liming whispered close to Ling Xi’s ear.

After listening to it, Ling Xi was also very surprised, “Diving to feed the shark once? Are you sure the program group is not doing a spoof?”

Fortunately, she didn’t think about letting Xiao Nuo participate in this program at the time, the risk factor was too high!

“This show is absolutely poisonous, so let’s think about how to act as a couple!” She just hoped that Yizhi would not watch it when the show was broadcast.

Artists were sent to different designated places one after another, but Ling Xi and Liming were sent to a small mountain village.

“Didn’t we agree to go to the ‘ancient town’?” Ling Xi looked at the small mountain village in front of her, complaining endlessly in her heart, as expected she had boarded a pirate ship.

“The ancient town is at the foot of the mountain. After everyone completes the task, they will gather there…”

Ling Xi bit the bullet and formed a “couple” with Liming. After simple special effects makeup, almost no one recognized them.

“What are you doing?”

As soon as Ling Xi looked up, she saw an old man herding sheep standing on the hillside not far away.

The two walked forward, “Grandpa, our car broke down when we were going up the mountain. Is there anyone around here who can repair cars?”

The old man waved his hand, “There are no car repairmen here.”

There was a trace of anxiety on Liming’s face, “What should we do? Our repair team won’t arrive until tomorrow, old man, do you know if there is any boarding place here?”

“You can stay at my house.”

“That’s really great, thank you!”

Their mission for this trip was: to pretend to be a couple, spend 24 hours in the mountain village, and follow the mission prompts to find the “treasure” along the road signs.

Originally, Ling Xi thought that staying overnight would be a very difficult task. After all, they were strangers to each other. And it was impossible for people to lead two strangers to their home like this.

She didn’t expect that the old man would take the initiative to propose…

Seeing the humble house and the thatched hut which was the old man’s house, Ling Xi’s heart felt sad.

There was an earthen wall made of bricks, looking as if it would collapse as soon as it rained, and as soon as you enter the house, you could smell the smell of burnt earthen kang.

The ceiling made of newspapers was a little yellowed, and there were occasional sounds, as if something was passing through the ceiling. The earth kang was placed in a corner of the house, and only a wooden table and two benches could be seen in the open space…

“Sister, why don’t we stay in another house?”

Ling Xi shook her head lightly, she might have understood the intention of the program group a little bit, “No need, let’s just stay here!”

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