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In the famous Juxian Villa in the capital, Fu Fanghua and Fang Chengzhi were sitting in a private room drinking tea quietly, but their faces were really ugly, especially Fu Fanghua’s expression.

She glanced at the time on the phone again, “Tongtong, when will he arrive?”

Fang Tong lowered her head and was sending a message to Ding Minghui. Today was the time for Ding Minghui to meet her parents. They had fixed the time at eleven thirty, but it was already past twelve o’clock, and Ding Minghui had not arrived yet.

Ding Minghui replied quickly, saying that there was a traffic jam on the way, and he was on his way now.

“Mom, he got stuck in a traffic jam on the way. It’s not like you don’t know the traffic in the capital city. There are traffic jams all the time. He didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of the road, and he is coming here by himself now.” Fang Tong stood up for Ding Minghui.

Fu Fanghua snorted coldly, “It’s not the first day for him in the capital, does he not know the traffic conditions in the capital? Since he knew he was going to meet his girlfriend’s parents today, why didn’t he leave early? He doesn’t have any budget at all, and he usually works, is that the same?”

Fang Tong was very upset when she heard her mother say that Ding Minghui was not good again, “Mom, can you say a little less, he is just a little late, anyway, it’s fine, wait what’s wrong.” Although she was very dissatisfied that Ding Minghui was late on such a day, but she still needed to protect his face in front of her parents.

Fang Chengzhi smiled, “Okay, just wait, it’s not a big deal.”

Fu Fanghua stopped talking, I’m the only bad guy here, right? You are all good people, very good people, turning over she rolled my eyes, heartless father and daughter, who am I worried for.

The private box door was knocked and Fang Tong stood up and opened the door, Ding Minghui appeared at the door panting, it was clearly winter, but he was sweating profusely. He still had a few bags in his hand.

Fang Tong gave him a hard look, and turned to let him in.

“Yes… I’m sorry Uncle and Aunt, I’m late.” Ding Minghui bent down and apologized to Fang Chengzhi and Fu Fanghua.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, and it’s not too late, just sit down.” Fang Chengzhi smiled, and his attitude was very kind.

Ding Minghui handed the bag to Fang Tong, “These are the local specialties from my hometown for uncle and aunt. It’s not something particularly expensive. I’ll give it to uncle and aunt to try something new. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

Fu Fanghua smiled, but her eyes had no smile, “You, sit down.”

Ding Minghui took off his coat, hung it up, and then sat down across from them.

Fang Chengzhi handed him the menu, “Order what you like.”

Ding Minghui didn’t answer, “Uncle, I’m not a picky eater, just order whatever.”

Fang Chengzhi didn’t refuse, ordered a few dishes, and handed over the menu to the waiter.

“I’ve heard Fang Tong mention you many times, but I haven’t had a chance to meet you. I heard you’re working in Junlan Group now?” Fang Chengzhi asked in a gentle voice.

Ding Minghui was still very nervous when he first met Fang Chengzhi and Fu Fanghua. Looking at their clothes and their faces, which were about the same age as his parents but much younger, he knew that their lives should be quite good. This made him inevitably feel a little inferior.

But Fang Chengzhi’s gentle attitude made his nervousness dissipate a lot. Like what Fang Tong said, her parents were easy-going people.

“Yes, I can officially become a regular employee after I graduate in June.” Ding Minghui replied politely. In fact, if he had graduated, he would have already become a regular.

“Are you planning to stay in the capital to develop?” Fu Fanghua asked.

Ding Minghui glanced at Fang Tong, smiled and said, “Well, there is someone I care about here.”

Fang Tong’s ears turned red when she heard this, and the corners of her mouth slightly curled up.

Fu Fanghua glanced at her daughter, who was a good-for-nothing, and looked at Ding Minghui again, “Since you plan to stay in the capital, you should have a plan for the future, can you tell us about it?”

“Of course, I will continue to work in Junlan Group, and I can become a full-time employee after graduation, my salary will double at that time, and I would be able to afford a good life for Fang Tong and me.” Ding Minghui said slowly, talking about his plans for the future, his plans for his and Fang Tong’s future were especially detailed.

Fang Chengzhi and Fu Fanghua listened carefully, and waited until Ding Minghui had finished speaking before Fu Fanghua asked, “You just said you would get a loan to buy a house after working for three to five years?”

Ding Minghui nodded, as if a little embarrassed, “Yes, Uncle and aunt may not know the situation of my family very well. My family is from a mountain village, and the economic conditions are not very good. It was not easy for my parents to support me to go to college. When I start working, I would probably have no savings in the first two years, and I wouldn’t be able to afford a house, so I will work hard and save money in the next two years, and save the money for the down payment first.”

“Do you have any other brothers and sisters in your family?” Fu Fanghua had no comment on his intentions, but asked another question.

“There is a younger sister in the family who is already working.”

“Your younger sister has gone out to work so early?” Fu Fanghua asked in surprise.

The smile on Ding Minghui’s face faltered, “Yes… Yes, she didn’t go to college, and the family’s financial conditions could only support one child to go to college, so…”

Fu Fanghua nodded, and did not continue to pursue this issue. Instead, she said, “Her dad and I only have Tongtong. We have tried our best to satisfy her no matter what she wants since childhood. Let alone hardship, I didn’t even ask her to wash the dishes. I was worried that she would be spoiled by us, but fortunately Tongtong is a sensible child, except for a little extravagance in spending money, other things are very good, but girls should be raised rich, what do you think?”

Ding Minghui and Fang Tong’s complexion was a bit ugly, Fang Tong was angry, she glanced at her mother, why are you talking so impolitely?

Fu Fanghua glanced back, you say, what should I say, if it wasn’t for you, how could I say that?

Ding Minghui thought that Fang Tong’s parents might look down on him, and he was prepared. After all, his family’s conditions were obviously not good enough for Fang Tong, but he still felt embarrassed when he really faced it, like a well-hidden scar was suddenly dug up and exposed in the sun.

Although Fu Fanghua didn’t say a single bad word in what she said just now, every word was about how good Fang Tong’s life was, and how he, Ding Minghui, couldn’t give her such a life.

“Auntie, I know that I am not capable enough to give Fang Tong a good life. Maybe if she follows me now, she would even have to hesitate to buy a bag worth a few thousand dollars, but I promise, I will work hard. In the future, Fang Tong will not have to hesitate because of money, and she will be able to buy whatever she wants.”

Ding Minghui’s attitude was very sincere, he was sincere to Fang Tong, and he wanted to be with her.

Fang Tong was so moved that she held Ding Minghui’s hand under the table and gave him a smile. Ding Minghui’s heart suddenly settled down.

Didn’t Fu Fanghua know about the little tricks of the two of them? She was almost pissed off by her daughter, who had already turned her elbow outward.

“You mean you want my family’s daughter to wait for you? How long? Three years or five years? A girl’s youth is only a few years, which is very precious. Do you want her to wait until she grows old and no one wants her?” Fu Fanghua finally spoke.

She started to be rude, Fang Chengzhi was pulling her from below, but she pretended she didn’t see it, if they don’t speak clearly to some people, they will always pretend that they didn’t understand.

“Mom.” Fang Tong yelled in dissatisfaction, what are you talking about now, she was sincere to Ding Minghui, and she was willing to wait for him, could she not speak so harshly, how would she face Ding Minghui in the future?

“Auntie, no, I won’t let Fang Tong wait for me. I will marry her. If you agree, I can marry her after I graduate. Although we may not be able to buy a house by ourselves in the first few years, we will be renting a house to live in, but I believe we will get better and better in the future.” Ding Minghui promised.

“Son,” Fang Chengzhi said warmly, “It’s not that your aunt and I don’t believe you, it’s just like what your aunt said, what guarantee can you give? It’s not that Tongtong’s mother and I are snobbish, and think badly of you. Now, if you have a daughter, will you marry her to someone who has nothing?”

Even her father said so, Fang Tong was so sad that she wanted to cry, she thought at least her father would support her.

Ding Minghui couldn’t smile anymore, “Uncle, I know you won’t believe me no matter what I say or do now, but I still want to say that I will try my best to create better living conditions for Fang Tong, within three years, I will definitely buy a house in the capital, and Fang Tong’s name will be written on the house deed. You may not believe me when I say this, but I will still show you.”

Ding Minghui stood up and gave Fu Fanghua and Fang Chengzhi a bow, “I’m bothering you today, so I’ll take my leave first. Goodbye, uncle and aunt.”

After saying that, Ding Minghui really got up to leave, he didn’t even eat his meal, and walked out in a hurry.

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