RCFS Ch. 143

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“Son, son, you, come over and take a look, is this six or nine?”

Ye Junpo even thought that there was something wrong with his eyes, and subconsciously asked Ye Yunji.

“Dad, how many have you seen?”

“Yes, is it nine? I must tell my sister that Dad is so stupid now that he can’t tell the difference!!”

“It’s 92!”

“Sure enough!”

Ye Junpo slapped his thigh: “I knew it, I’m not incompetent, I just lacked the stage to become famous!! Hahaha…!!!”

Ye Yunji: “………”

He really didn’t want to talk to his father, he missed Yunxi very much now.

“By the way, grandpa is going to watch our movie too.”

Ye Yunji pushed the computer and rubbed his eyes. He made all the posters, and he also repaired the pictures in the studio. In order to save money, he was the one who did the art design, and he was exhausted to death!

Ye Junpo didn’t make a sound, he suppressed his smile and stared at the screen with a gloomy face.

Ye Yunji sighed, well, Dad is still angry with grandfather.

“Dad, I’m back!”

When Ye Yunxi appeared at the door, the eyes of the two men on the sofa lit up instantly.

“Yunxi…Yunxi…, with a score of 92…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ye Junpo’s expression darkened when a figure appeared at the door. It was Ye Jianxing, he had come back with Ye Yunxi.

“The movie was well done.”

It was rare for Ye Jianxing to speak first, and several people looked at Ye Junpo, but he still didn’t say a word.

Ye Jianxing didn’t say much, and went straight upstairs.


Ye Yunxi raised her head, with her coat still in her hand, she stood beside Ye Junpo with a smile, hooked her father’s arms, and looked at Ye Jianxing with a smile: “It’s not that bad to make a movie, right?”

Ye Junpo trembled.

The room was dead silent.

The incident back then was so unpleasant that even Butler Wen tried to avoid mentioning it.

On the stairs, the old man’s expression was unusually calm. He looked down at Ye Yunxi, and said, “What do you want to say?”

“I want to say that the support of the family is not only human resource but also money. Our family’s business is decided to be filming. Grandfather, you are the head of the family now, and I am a junior, so I should report to Grandfather, can Grandfather agree?”

The person on the stair looked desperately down.

Although the sixty-year-old man had no expression, his anger could still be felt!

The anger was so deep that even Butler Wen was subconsciously sweating coldly.

This young lady, sincerely, a new-born calf was not afraid of tigers, and she dared to provoke the master!!

How did the young master get kicked out of the house?

Was it not because of filming!

But Ye Yunxi didn’t seem to see someone’s anger, and she still talked with eloquence: “A small business earns three melons and two dates a year, doesn’t my grandfather think that filming earns much more than this? If you want to go back to the Sword of the Empire, with these three melons and two dates, can you really go back?”

Ye Yunxi said sarcastically.

In the past when everyone was poor, the Sword of the Empire was based on ability and military merit, but now it was different. The economy of Yan Kingdom was developing unprecedentedly. Even if the whole family had amazing ability, if there was no capital accumulation such as getting rich overnight, they couldn’t get in!

“Are you forcing me?”

Ye Jianxing turned around, folded his hands on the railing, and spoke in a calm tone, but his old eyes became colder and colder.

“I just want to tell grandfather that your time is over.”

Ye Yunxi raised her lips.

“This era belongs to us!”

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