APY Ch. 185.3: Get Out of Here

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Shen Qian looked at the back of her going up, his eyes darkened, and he couldn’t help thinking, was it wrong to adopt this child in order to appease his wife?

His wife’s illness seemed to be cured, but in fact she was not cured at all, and she was still taking medicine all year round, and after her biological daughter came back, she was not very close to them.

He originally thought that the Shen family had raised and educated this child for so many years, and at least she was a good child, but now, Shen Qian began to doubt.

He received a call from his friend this morning, he told him the result of the paternity test, and at the same time told him something. Shen Xitong had asked someone to replace the blood sample for the paternity test. Shen Qian could understand her thoughts just by thinking about it once.

It was not that Shen Qian didn’t know that since Shen Qinglan came back, Shen Xitong had been targeting her intentionally or unintentionally. He originally thought that it was only because she was afraid of being kicked out by the Shen family that she felt uneasy, but she was still kind in nature.

But since Qinglan got married last year, many things that happened didn’t seem to be like this.

Although he had been in the army all year round and he was not clear about many things, including last year when Shen Xitong fell down the stairs and said that it was because Qinglan pushed her. Chu Yunrong didn’t tell him, but as long as he wanted to know, he could still know.

He didn’t say that he understood everything about Qinglan’s temperament, but he still had seven or eight points of understanding. Except for Chu Yunrong, no one would believe that she would push Shen Xitong down the stairs.

When Fu Hengyi was drunk at the beginning of the year, he was also aware of what Shen Xitong wanted to do when Qinglan broke through, because he happened to go upstairs at that time that day and saw it by accident, but he left before the three of them could find out.

Why did the Li family couple suddenly come to the door, and they were so sure that Shen Xitong was their daughter. He would not believe that Qinglan didn’t have a hand in all this.

He agreed with Shen Xitong to do the paternity test with them, not necessarily without the intention of helping Qinglan. Shen Junyu always felt that he was guarded and suspicious of Qinglan, but he was not.

When Qinglan came home, he really doubted whether someone was using her to do something to the Shen family, but that was only before she returned to the Shen family. Since she came back, his love for her had not been mixed with any falsehood, regardless of whether his son and Qinglan believed it or not, but it was true.

And his son was still blaming him for investigating Qinglan, and even gave up the opportunity to join the army because of this. Speaking of these, Shen Qian was also very sad.

Shen Xitong… Perhaps this was the worst decision he ever made.

Shen Qinglan helped the old man upstairs, watched the old man lay down to rest, and then went back to the room. It was at this time that Fu Hengyi’s call came in.

Shen Qinglan looked at the name on the caller ID, smiled slightly, and picked it up.

“Fu Hengyi.”

Fu Hengyi chuckled, “Well, where are you?”

“At home,” afraid that he won’t understand, she added, “At Shen family home. Shen Xitong’s paternity test result came out, and Dad told me to come home.”

“Oh.” Fu Hengyi was not very interested in this matter, he could probably guess the role played by Shen Qinglan in this matter, and he was already clear about the result, so he didn’t even ask.

“When you go home at night, check to see if there is ginger and brown sugar water at home.” Fu Hengyi said.

Shen Qinglan was puzzled, “What’s the matter? Why do you want ginger and brown sugar water?”

Fu Hengyi’s eyes were a little helpless, why was this person so careless about her own affairs, “Your period will be here in two days, and the first day you would have stomach discomfort, won’t you? Remember to make yourself a cup of brown sugar water, and I kept a hand warmer in the drawer of the bedside table in the bedroom, you charge it and put it on your stomach, understand?”

Shen Qinglan’s cold face was smudged with a thin blush, she didn’t expect Fu Hengyi to know her menstrual cycle and prepare so many things for her.

She remembered that Fu Hengyi only ran into her on the first day of her menstrual cycle, and found out that she had dysmenorrhea?

“That little pain is nothing, I’ve already gotten used to it.” Shen Qinglan said softly.

“Qinglan, girls should be kinder to themselves. I’m not at home and can’t take care of you. Be obedient and don’t make me worry.” Fu Hengyi coaxed softly.

When he said this, Shen Qinglan lost all temper and nodded obediently, “Okay, I got it, I’ll go to the supermarket later and buy ginger and brown sugar water.”

“Also, don’t touch cold water for a few days, don’t get cold.” Fu Hengyi reminded, he checked all these online earlier, he was afraid that Shen Qinglan would not pay attention, so he called as soon as he reached back to warn her.

No matter what Fu Hengyi said, Shen Qinglan nodded obediently.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Qinglan kept smiling. She had a cold body, which was caused by the devil’s training base. Because of the cold, she also suffered from dysmenorrhea. After so many years, she had learnt how to endure it. In fact, she wasn’t so delicate. But the feeling of being cared about was really not bad.

Originally, Fu Hengyi had planned to take her to visit an old doctor of Chinese medicine after the new year, and wanted to let her recuperate her body, but unfortunately, the old doctor of Chinese medicine went to his son’s house in another place to celebrate the New Year, and he was not in the capital during this time.

In the afternoon, Shen Qinglan didn’t go back to Fu family home, instead she went directly to the supermarket taking a detour, bought a pack of ginger and brown sugar and came back, then she took a photo and sent it to Fu Hengyi, and went back without waiting for his reply.

It was already midnight when Fu Hengyi saw this photo, but didn’t call as it would disturb his rest, so instead of calling, he just sent Shen Qinglan a WeChat message with a smile.

Shen Qian returned to the army the next day after the paternity test results came out. He should have returned to the army two days ago, but Shen Xitong’s matter was not resolved, so he specially took leave to stay home for two days.

Before returning to the army, Shen Qian and Mr. Shen stayed in the study for a long time. No one knew what the father and son talked about. When Shen Qian came out of the study, he saw his wife packing his luggage.

“Yunrong, I’m just returning to the army, not moving, so you don’t need to prepare so many things.” Looking at the suitcase stuffed to the brim by his wife, Shen Qian felt helpless.

Chu Yunrong stuffed the last piece of clothing in and zipped it up, “I know, but you won’t be back for a long time, so bring some more in case you get too busy and don’t have time to wash, so you can have a change of clothes.”

Shen Qian stepped forward to hug his wife, “I’m leaving, and the family has to rely on you to be taken care of.”

Chu Yunrong was a little uncomfortable, they were an old couple, so she patted her husband on the back, “Got it, you don’t need to worry about the situation at home, you can work with peace of mind.”

Shen Qian smiled and let go of his wife, “I hope you won’t interfere with Xitong’s affairs. After all, they are her biological parents. Even if we raised her, she has already grown up. When she is an adult, some things should be left to her to decide, you know?”

Although this had already been said, Shen Qian couldn’t help telling his wife because she had always been soft-hearted towards Shen Xitong, since Qinglan let the Li family’s husband and wife find Shen Xitong, then it would definitely not be as simple as just recognizing relatives. The Li family couple should be able to do it. Shen Qian did not want his wife to wade into this muddy water.

The smile on Chu Yunrong’s face froze, she met her husband’s serious eyebrows, and finally nodded, “I see.”

She knew that her husband had lied to her about many things, but her husband’s kindness to her was not a lie. Since her husband said so, it must be for her own good. She would just listen.

Saying goodbye to Shen Qian, Chu Yunrong turned around and entered the room and saw Shen Xitong by the door, “Mom, Dad has already left?”

Chu Yunrong nodded, “Yes, do you have business with him?”

Shen Xitong shook her head, “No.”

“Are you going out to see your biological parents?” Chu Yunrong saw her standing at the door and thought she was going out, and asked.

Shen Xitong shook her head again, “Mom, can I talk to you.”

Chu Yunrong nodded, and the two went to Shen Xitong’s room. Compared with Shen Qinglan’s, her room was obviously more ladylike, and there was a touch of similarity in the room. Because of the smell of incense, it smelt very good, and there was a thick wool carpet on the floor.

Chu Yunrong sat down on the sofa and looked at Shen Xitong’s kind face, “What do you want to talk to mom about?”

Shen Xitong knelt on the floor and put her head on Chu Yunrong’s lap, “Mom, I don’t want to recognize my biological parents, do you think I’m cold-blooded?”

Chu Yunrong touched her hair and asked softly, “Why do you think so?”

“Although they abandoned me when I was very young, but just like my father said, they gave birth to me and gave me life, so I shouldn’t be resentful.”

“Tongtong, mom can understand your feelings. It is natural for you to have resentment towards your biological parents, but now that they have found you and really want to make up to you, you might as well give them a chance, and give yourself a chance, wouldn’t it be good if two more people love you?”

Shen Xitong felt cold when she heard this, and suddenly raised her head, looking at Chu Yunrong pitifully, “Mom, are you planning to get rid of me?”

“Silly girl, you’re thinking too much. You are Mom’s daughter, and Mom won’t not want you. Not in this lifetime.”

Shen Xitong finally smiled when she heard the words, and hugged Chu Yunrong, “Mom, I love you, I will be your daughter in this life, and in my next life, I will be your daughter, and being your daughter is the best thing I have done. It is also one of the happiest and luckiest thing for me. I will never leave you.”

Chu Yunrong smiled and patted Shen Xitong on the shoulder, “Well, mom knows, and mom loves you too.”

“Mom, I will think about it carefully, and I will try to forgive them.”

In middle age, the appearance and physical strength were usually all gone. Ye Qingxin didn’t think so, because Jing Boyuan was not, and his appearance and physical strength were still very good in middle age.

Jing Boyuan raised his hand to retort: “I’m only thirty-five, and I’m still far from middle age.”

Jing Boyuan, who was born in a noble family, founded the Pauway Group from scratch, making a big difference in the business world.

The public talked about him as a mature and steady entrepreneur with a serious and unfathomable background. Just this successful man, who was so serious that he was almost mean, suddenly married a young wife who was fourteen years younger than him.

Ye Qingxin, a tenacious little grass swaying in the wind and rain, had a rich marriage, she married into a famous family, and became the envy of everyone.

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