KHSW Ch. 171

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Ou Mengxue looked at Shen Bingqian with even stranger eyes, but she remained silent.

“Sister Ou, when will my album be released?”

“Anytime you want.”

She wanted to see how she would fight Ling Xi when she fell from a height…

Meng family.

“Mom, does the food cooked today still suit your taste?”

Mrs. Meng squinted at Shu Tingting and ignored her, but looked at Meng Yang kindly.

“Yang Yang, grandma told you, that this young lady of the Li family, grandma has seen her before, she is beautiful and has a good heart. The most important thing is that their family and our Meng family are the right match, so why don’t you meet her today?”

“Grandma, I told you last time that I want to find my girlfriend myself.” Meng Yang stuffed rice into his mouth vigorously, “I’ve finished eating, and I still have an appointment with my friends!”

“You kid, eat more before you go!”


As soon as Jiang Nan sat down, Mrs. Meng was slightly dissatisfied, “Third daughter-in-law, look at how Yang Yang is behaving? I said last time that our Meng family must find the right person, he shouldn’t learn to be incompetent.”

Before Jiang Nan could say anything, her husband Meng Haotian spoke first, “Mom, isn’t Yang Yang spoiled by you? Look at Yang Yang and Yue Yue, Yue Yue is more sensible than Yang Yang, it’s not like you prefer boys over girls?”

Mrs. Meng became a little uncomfortable, and after coughing, “Okay, can’t you stop talking while you eat?”

Meng Xicheng and Shu Tingting never interrupted, they just ate silently.

Only then did Mrs. Meng remember their existence, “Son, did you take what Mom told you to heart?”

Meng Xicheng glanced at Shu Tingting, “Mom, let’s talk about this later!”

“I’ll talk about it later. You say this every day. Don’t forget, you are the chairman of our Mengshi Group. Your wife hasn’t laid an egg for so many years. What do you want others to think?”

“Mom—” Meng Xicheng frowned.

“It’s useless for you to call me. I’ll say these words in front of Shu Tingting today. You quickly divorce her.”

“Grandma, don’t say that, auntie is fine.”

As soon as Meng Jingyue opened her mouth, Jiang Nan poked her with chopsticks, “You don’t intervene as a child.”

Meng Jingyue glanced at her mother dissatisfied, but had to bury her head in eating.

Jiang Nan and Meng Haotian didn’t say a word, they understood the old lady’s temperament.

Shu Tingting shed tears while swallowing rice, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

Mrs. Meng continued to nag, “You are not too embarrassed to cry? You know how our Meng family has treated you all these years.”

“Mom, I beg you to stop talking.” Meng Xicheng growled.

“Son, are you trying to piss me off?”

Just when they were arguing, Shu Tingting suddenly retched, covered her mouth quickly, got up and ran out.

Mrs. Meng was even more dissatisfied, “Did you see that? Before I said a few words to her, she couldn’t take it anymore…”

Meng Xicheng suddenly remembered something, with shock and ecstasy on his face, ignoring the old lady’s complaint, he immediately followed her to the bathroom, “Wife, are you alright?”

When Shu Tingting felt a little better, she nodded lightly, “I’m fine now.”

“Let’s go to the hospital for a check-up later.”

Looking at Meng Xicheng’s eyes, she also thought of something at the same time…

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