KHSW Ch. 170

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Ling Xi’s sharp eyes caught Ou Mengxue’s, “I didn’t do anything, Ling Xi, you misunderstood me too deeply.”

“Is it a misunderstanding even though you know that what I said just now is just the tip of the iceberg in your trap. If you would’ve just dealt with me, it would’ve been ok, but you tried to harm my baby, you’re a bitch!” Ling Xi’s tone seemed to be harsher suddenly.

“Since you dared to hurt my child in the first place, you should pay the price now, what do you think?”

Ou Mengxue slowly raised her eyes, and finally realized that what she felt before was right, she was not the Ling Xi she used to be, and her eyes gradually became gloomy and cold, since she already knew it, she didn’t need to cover it up, “Hahaha, so you know everything?”

Ou Mengxue’s face changed instantly, the ugly fake smile faded immediately, and it was replaced with a dark smile, “Ling Xi, was it fun to be played around by me before? Don’t you think you’re stupid?”

This was a very interesting sentence. People who didn’t know their own stupidity still wanted to talk about the stupidity of others.

Ling Xi smiled lightly, “Well, it was quite stupid of me.”

Ou Mengxue thought she was admitting her stupidity, and laughed even more proudly, but she forgot her fear of Ling Xi just now.

“That’s right, five years ago, I drugged your drink. I ruined your innocence, and I drowned your child. Do you dare to call the police? Hahaha… oh, I forgot, you won’t dare to mention that as you are a star now, your husband is Xu Yizhi, I heard Brother Jiayang say that you are in a good relationship now? If you let him know that you have given birth to a baby out of wedlock, do you think Xu Yizhi will divorce you directly? Even if he doesn’t mind, his parents…”

She was right. Ling Xi thought of this at the beginning, so she never had the courage to say it, and her hand gradually tightened.

“Heh, the ‘price’ you think of is only to go to jail? I didn’t even think about it, have you thought why would I recommend Shen Bingqian to join ‘Star Charm Entertainment’.”

This was the real way to sow discord and let her be suspicious of Shen Bingqian. It was enough to just send a word, and it would appear deliberate if there was more.

“Ou Mengxue, thank you for helping me pave the way. By the way, I would like to make a small suggestion. It is more suitable for you to be an assistant than an agent.” After speaking, she turned and left, and the bodyguards not far away immediately followed.

Ou Mengxue stood on the rooftop and looked at her back angrily. When Ling Xi disappeared around the corner, she screamed furiously. She originally wanted to see Ling Xi’s angry appearance, she wanted to see her grief but there was nothing on her face, instead she herself was angry.

Was she really not angry at all? Did she really feel nothing at all?

“Ah—damn Ling Xi.” As long as she thought about being treated like a dog by her during that time, she felt extremely uncomfortable. She didn’t expect that she did it on purpose.


But what did she mean by that? Could it be that Shen Bingqian was really from Ling Xi’s side?

She returned to the company with doubts and saw that Shen Bingqian was already waiting in the office.

“Sister Ou, you came just in time, listen to these songs.”

Shen Bingqian recorded everything in the USB flash drive into the computer, and a piece of sensual music was played.

“Is it Ling Xi’s thing?”

Shen Bingqian didn’t notice that Ou Mengxue’s face was slightly different.

“Yeah, I borrowed it from her, and she gave it to me.”

“You borrowed it and she willingly gave it to you?” Ou Mengxue was almost certain that Shen Bingqian was sent to her by Ling Xi.

“Well, that’s right.” In fact, she also thought Ling Xi was stupid. How could she let Shen Bingqian borrow songs? How could she not use them commercially? The melody and style of the music was very unique, and it could definitely be released as her own album. Even if she was discovered at that time, Ling Xi would have no evidence.

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