KHSW Ch. 138: In Heaven before Birth

Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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“Yang Wei?” If the surname was Yang, it should be Chi Jingyu’s cousin, right? Chi Jiayang said it was his cousin, so he shouldn’t be too bad!

But… that Secretary Yang did not admit that he knew Chi Jiayang, perhaps because he didn’t know Chi Jiayang yet?

This made sense, after all, Yang Wei only came back from abroad last year.

If someone could really do things under Yizhi’s eyes, then no position other than the “secretary” should be easier.

“Yizhi, that secretary seems to be a very nice person, why don’t you invite him to the house for a light meal next time?”

“Well, good.” Xu Yizhi nodded lightly.

Two days passed, but they found nothing, so Ling Xi couldn’t help being a little discouraged.

“Husband, let’s look for two more days. If we still can’t find anything, let’s go back together!” As long as she thought that Yang Wei did that thing, Ling Xi felt a little flustered, in case he knew Chi Jiayang from long ago, but lied in front of them, then… while Yizhi was away from the company, maybe he would find a loophole?

No matter what decision Ling Xi made, he was naturally obedient. After all, a daughter-in-law was made to spoil and depend on.

Deep in the quiet woods, an old voice and a childish voice rang out, and the two of them were both meditating.

“Master, when will Xiao Nuo grow up?”

“It’s up to you!”

“Xiao Nuo wants to grow up now, because Xiao Nuo wants to be an eminent monk like Master.” Xiao Nuo looked at his Master with a childlike expression, what Master said was right, and what Master did was right.

“By the way, Master, where do the children stay before they are born?”

“They’re all in the sky!”

“What do they do in the sky?”

“They are looking for a master in the sky. When they see a master with high martial arts skills, if they want to be his apprentice, they will sneak into his room, and when the time is right, they will suddenly pop out and give him a surprise!”

Xiao Nuo laughed, revealing two cute little dimples as he laughed.

“Master, the ‘master of martial arts’ you said is yourself, right? Did Xiao Nuo surprise you?”

“Of course you did, you are the only support for Master.” The childlike laughter came from the depths of the woods, causing a flurry of birds.

After the morning class, Xiao Nuo sneaked out again, and saw that the group of monks were bullying Xiao Pang again, “You stop, don’t bully my friends.”

When the three little monks saw Xiao Nuo, they trembled reflexively, “You… why are you here again? We didn’t bully him today!”

After the fight the day before yesterday, the three little monks were all scared of being beaten. They thought he was a little kid and there was no need to be scared, but they all guessed wrong, “Yes, we don’t want to fight today.”

Xiao Nuo folded his hands together, “Amitabha, Master said, those who are immoral, not to pay attention to them, Xiao Pang, let’s go.”

A fleshy, round little bald head rolled out from among them, regardless of the weeds all over his body, he ran over, like a little panda, wiped his snot on his body, and said with a smile: “Xiao Nuo, I knew you would come to save me.”

“Such a dirty little chubby, you are actually friends with him?” The three little monks were full of disdain.

Xiao Nuo pretended not to hear them, and took his hand away without showing disdain, “Of course, we are good friends!”

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