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Yu Siyang’s movements were very fast. After a while, the platter on the big plate had a rudimentary shape. Seeing the dark circles that had been put together, the audience shouted “Panda” excitedly.

That’s right, what Chef Yu wanted to show was the most distinctive representative of China-Panda.

The original light brown color of the mushroom had been processed by him to a similar black color. Together with the white tofu, it could be used to make a panda.

As his hands worked, the audience was now excited, and the netizens on the live broadcast platform were also not calm.

The whole world loved Pandas, but Pandas were only available in China. Even if a creature like Panda did nothing, just laid down, ate bamboo and sat in a daze, it could make people all over the world tremble. They were being given a chance to eat a “Panda”!

Netizens were crazy about why they didn’t take a plane to Paris, maybe they could have eaten the “Panda”, which looked cute and delicious at first glance, but it was beyond their control.

When Ning Weigong saw Yu Siyang creating a panda, his eyes almost jumped out of his head. He couldn’t help but look at Yu Siyang with admiration in his eyes-fortunately, he could think of it and use pandas to kill the foreigner in seconds.

Russell had been paying attention to Yu Siyang’s movements, and after seeing the panda platter, he couldn’t help having a bad premonition.

The two had a conflict at the reception before, and they made a bet. The loser had to kneel down and call the other father (Yu Siyang proposed this). He was a scumbag in cooking, so he opportunistically invited foreign aid and used words to block any objections that Yu Siyang might have had.

When he smelled the various cooking scents from Yu Siyang’s station just now, he was a little restless, worried that he would lose, and was also uncontrollably drooling at these scents, particularly anxious.

Now seeing the panda that was about to be put together, and the commotion of the audience now, Russell was even more anxious.

——Is it true that I would have to call Yu Siyang father?

——Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he really knows how to cook, why did I not propose something than culinary art? I must have been cursed by the devil.

After Nino’s crystal French foie gras was made, Yu Siyang’s “Panda” was also just completed.

The camera shot the two dishes at close range. Nino’s crystal foie gras was really well done. The color, preparation, and presentation were all excellent, but the small plate of crystal foie gras was placed next to the huge “Panda”. Thud, it had no sense of existence, regardless if it was the audience or the netizens who were still on the live broadcast platform, they were all occupied by the big “Panda”, as if there was no dish next to them.

The person in charge of the hotel who had come here to help organize the competition had already begun to draw judges.

Fifty-one people, everyone had a glass of boiled water in their hands, waiting in line to eat.

The first one to eat was a woman with red hair, who seemed to be of Indian descent. She took a fork and ran straight to “Panda”. First, she went to the ears and put the few pieces into her mouth.

Immediately afterwards, people saw her closing her eyes with an expression of enjoyment. After swallowing, she said incoherently in English: “It’s so delicious, the meat is very tender, very fragrant, especially fragrant, I swear this is the best dish I have ever eaten in my life, there is nothing better than it. Pandas are also very cute. I want to vote for the cute boy.”

The hotel’s person in charge reminded her with a twitching mouth and asked her to try the foie gras, and then choose.

Unexpectedly, she shook her head vigorously: “No, no, no, I hate foie gras, and even more hate the method of making foie gras. I am an animal protector. The cute Eastern boy can create a meaty taste with mushrooms. Why don’t we learn more from him? Why use such a cruel method to obtain food.”

Her remarks made many people at the scene agree.

Nino’s expression had changed. A dish he had always been proud of had been criticized as nothing on this ground.

Ning Weigong tried his best to hold back his smile. If he didn’t know the truth, he would really think that this foreign woman was someone that Yu Siyang found, as she was speaking for him completely.

The red-haired woman’s remarks might also have had a certain impact on the reviewers behind, coupled with the deliciousness and cuteness of this “Panda” itself, although there were many who voted for Nino, but two-thirds of the votes were for Yu Siyang, and there were even more greedy judges. One fork was not enough, and they ate two forks in a row, making the other people who could see but not eat hate. He also exclaimed: “Every bite has a different flavor, this is amazing, no matter what the flavor is, it is the same delicious, amazing, amazing.”

This person’s slightly exaggerated facial expression aroused the appetite of others who were waiting for their turn. The judges couldn’t help urging him to leave quickly.

Fifty-one judges, one mouthful for one person, and three or four mouthfuls for others, ate all of Yu Siyang’s “Panda”. On the contrary, some of the foie gras on the small plate next to him was left. When the size of the two plates was compared, the result was self-evident.

Yu Siyang, who got two-thirds of votes, won.

Nino wasn’t someone who could not afford to lose. He shook hands with Yu Siyang and expressed his welcome for him to come to his restaurant in Lyon for dinner.

Russell walked over and said reluctantly: “You have won, your Chinese food is really amazing.” Especially, he also made a panda opportunistically to gain a good impression.

Yu Siyang raised his chin slightly, very arrogantly, and said: “We have said that the loser will kneel down and call the other person Dad.”

He said this in French. The audience was far away from them so did not listen. But the nearest to them was Nino. He looked at Yu Siyang and Russell in surprise, and then patted Russell on the shoulder sympathetically.

Russell’s face turned green.

The live broadcast had not yet closed, so Russell’s giving up and Yu Siyang’s “Call Dad” was heard by netizens on the live broadcast platform.

Among the more than 20 million people who watched the live broadcast, a large part of them were Chinese, and many people did not understand French. Therefore, after Yu Siyang’s sentence was finished, many people worshipped him in the speech area—

“Twenty years old, can act, cook, and can speak English and French. The head of my family is invincible.”

“Ah, ah, ah, my Yang speaks good French.”

“The head is a schoolmaster, what? Oh God, my heart.”

“I want to learn French too. The head of the group speaks French too well, male god.”

After a while, a netizen who understood French said in the speech area: “What Yu Siyang said means– -The loser will kneel down and call the winner Dad.”

As soon as the words came out, the Chinese netizens in the speaking area went as quiet as a chicken, and only a large group of foreigners admired Yu Siyang’s cooking skills and appearance.

The loser will kneel down and calls him father?

Hehe, Yu Siyang really knows how to play.

T/N: Chef Yu strikes again…

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