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When Luo Peng left Tenglan City, although the excuse he used was to take down the endorsement of the Emerald Hotel, he himself was not very concerned about this matter. What made him even more concerned was that the well-known screenwriter Yan Haiqing had polished his script “Dead Land”, which had been going on for several years, and was pulling together the crew for the movie.

Yan Haiqing’s name was well known in the circle, and the scripts in his hand were all fine works. He himself was also a first-class figure in the entertainment industry. His any little action could set off a huge wave in the circle. He was thus called Master Yan.

This master had been silent for several years, and suddenly took out a script to form a crew, everyone in the circle could be said to be staring at it, it was no different from a fat piece of meat.

Luo Peng found a way to catch up with a screenwriter in Master Yan’s studio and asked him to help introduce him to Master Yan. Although he still didn’t know what the script of “Dead Land” was about, it was always right to get familiar first.

In the Chinese restaurant of the Emerald Hotel, in a private box, Luo Peng was wearing a black suit and sitting upright. Opposite him, Yan Haiqing was dressed in a blue Tang suit, but there was a touch of majesty in his elegance.

The screenwriter Luo Peng befriended was ordering from the menu. He was Yan Haiqing’s nephew, otherwise it would be impossible to invite Master Yan out.

“You are interesting. He said you want to talk about the script with me. Why are you alone, where is the actor?” Yan Haiqing took the lead while waiting for the dishes to be served.

Luo Peng smiled neither humbly nor arrogantly: “Master Yan, sorry, Yu Siyang is shooting Chu’s “Battle of Fei Shui” in Tenglan, and he can’t get out of it for the time being.”

“That’s the case, then there is no need to talk about it.” Yan Haiqing said: “If can’t even see the actor, how can I tell if he is suitable for my script?”

Luo Peng said: “We haven’t seen the script, and we are not sure if your script is suitable for our Xiaoyu as well.”

Yan Haiqing narrowed his eyes slightly. It had been nearly half an hour since he entered the box, and he finally felt some interest.

Wei Xiaofeng’s cousin was indeed the same as him, and even the tone of his speech was the same as that of Wei Xiaofeng back then.

Since the news of “Dead Land” was released, Yan Haiqing had met many celebrities willingly or unwillingly. In fact, Yan Haiqing himself had no idea what he thought “Dead Land”‘s male protagonist should be like. And those agents who promoted their own celebrities or the investors spoke one by one, and without even reading the script, they patted their chests and said that their actor would act well. Yan Haiqing had to use great self-control to keep himself from laughing.

“The young man’s tone is not small,” Yan Haiqing nodded at Luo Peng twice.

“You have wronged me. I didn’t say that you are not well-known,” Luo Peng said. “It’s just that everyone has a role that suits them. If your script is a comedy, then we won’t accept it, and Xiaoyu will not play it. He already has a comedy with a billion at the box office, and if it were followed by another comedy with a box office of billions of dollars, it would be easy for him to be designated as a comedian, you have seen our Yu Siyang, he is too handsome to just be a comedian.”

Master Yan Haiqing was stunned by the thick face of Luo Peng. How strong was the psychological quality of this person to be able to say this kind of thing without blushing?

“Ahem, Luo Peng, Master Yan’s script is not a comedy.” Yan Linchen reminded in a low voice.

Luo Peng patted the table and exclaimed, “It’s best if it’s not a comedy. I don’t think Master Yan can write a comedy. With actors, we don’t talk about movies, we just make friends.” As he said, he poured red wine for the two of them.

Yan Haiqing’s nephew: “…”

This person was too familiar too, who said he wants to make friends with him?!

Luo Peng didn’t talk about the movie, and he really didn’t say a word about the script. During the dinner, he kept chatting with Yan Haiqing and his nephew about the experiences from various places. Of course, the most talked about was the delicious food made by Yu Siyang, but it was not enough. He even took out his cell phone to show the two of them the photos he had taken.

Yan Haiqing and his nephew couldn’t help but gulp their saliva while watching. They were taken in by a lot of Yu Siyang’s delicacies. The exquisite dishes in front of them did not hold their interest, and they couldn’t wait to go away.

This Luo Peng looked uncultured, but there were so many adjectives. He talked for twenty minutes. He didn’t even repeat one adjective. What kind of agent was he with this **** skill, he should go with them and become a screenwriter?

None of the three of them had enough for this meal, and most of the dishes on the table were left untouched, which did not fit the Chinese people’s virtues of diligence and thrift.

Finally, Luo Peng asked the waiter to help pack the rest of the dishes and agreed with Yan Haiqing to wait when Yu Siyang was free, and then invite them to taste the delicious food made by chef Yu himself before sending them away.

Yan Haiqing and his nephew returned half-full and agreed to send the script of “Dead Land” to Luo Peng.

Yan Haiqing was frustrated and couldn’t help sending a text message to Wei Xiaofeng: [Your cousin is like you.

Wei Xiaofeng’s reply was very quick: 【It’s just average, only 30% of my skill back then.]

Yan Haiqing almost wanted to vomit blood, threw the phone to his nephew, and muttered, “Birds of a feather.”

Yan Linchen rushed to catch the phone thrown by his uncle, and carefully asked: “Uncle, then we will go see Yu Siyang?” Luo Peng had tempted him so much with the food, and he really wanted to eat it. If his uncle didn’t want to, then he would go secretly.

“See, why not?” Yan Haiqing hummed, “I want to see if Yu Siyang’s craftsmanship is really that good.”

“…Uncle, you are choosing an actor, shouldn’t you look at acting not craftsmanship.” Yan Linchen was simply naturally black, so he took down his uncle’s desk without realizing it.

Yan Haiqing was so angry that he knocked his nephew on the head. If it wasn’t his nephew, he would definitely throw him on the road and let him walk back on his own.

At the other end, Luo Peng carried the packaged vegetables and walked arrogantly to the parking lot. He couldn’t be prouder.

Brother Xiaofeng’s temporary training was still quite useful. Take a look, the script of “Dead Land” was ready.

—— Yan Haiqing is a little arrogant, you can’t just follow him to flatter him, you have to go the other way, avoid the point first, use other things to lift his appetite, so that you can achieve the goal more.

Luo Peng couldn’t help but want to sing two songs.

Haha… he should send a pennant to Brother Xiaofeng, with the words “good teacher and helpful friend”.

“Manager Luo.” A black Mercedes drove into the parking lot. A man got off the car and waved hello when he saw Luo Peng, “Did you come to our hotel for dinner?”

“Mr. Mo.” Luo Peng nodded, “Came to have a meal with a friend, and I am about to go back.”

This Mr. Mo was the brand manager of the Emerald Hotel, responsible for the overall brand promotion of the hotel. Regarding the endorsement, he was the one playing the game of tug of war with Luo Peng.

The Emerald Hotel was a family-run business, and the work process was cumbersome and complicated. A small matter had to be reported layer by layer. When the reply from the top was approved, many opportunities had already been missed. This was also one of the reasons for the business situation of the Emerald Hotel in recent years.

Because the Emerald Hotel still had this traditional business model, Luo Peng was not optimistic about the prospects of the Emerald Hotel.

There was a win-win relationship between the spokesperson and the brand. If one party was a pig teammate, there would be troubles to deal with in the future.

In Luo Peng’s view, that pig teammate would definitely not be his side.

Mr. Mo invited: “It’s better to take advantage of the opportunity. If Mr. Luo is in no hurry, why not go to my office and sit?”

Luo Peng was surprised, and still with a professional smile on his face, said, “A great honor.”

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